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The universality of the process (by Dan Holsbeek)
Time is irrefutably linked to man's existential quest. Indeed, it is generally believed that there is a cohesion between time and change in the form of events, processes, etc. Most of the changes caused by humans are aimed at cultivating his environment.
Creative man plays a decisive role here. The creation process and the creative process... appear to be different ways of saying the same thing, and yet they are distinct. We reflect on the level of the artist, the work of art and the viewer.
The creation process places a greater emphasis on the process of making, while the creative process tends to allude more to the artistic spark that occurs and is depicted, the so-called 'aha moment' that is so hard to comprehend. By contrast, the creation process is experienced as a more concrete event.
For many people the fact that the artist is the motor and vehicle of the creation process is obvious, but ultimately, all things considered, this is really so self-evident. What a process can set in motion is sometimes very diverse and cannot always be perfectly controlled, and the process itself can become the subject of the work.
Finally, with regard to the viewer, there is not only his possible involvement, but also the readability of the creation process, which can vary widely and contribute to a different appreciation of the work.
The juxtaposition of the creative process and the creation process evokes reminiscences of dual universal concepts such as mind and body, transcendental and earthly, etc..
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Jackson Pollock painting in his studio on Long Island,
New York, 1950. (credit: © Hans Namuth)
Untitled, Elisabeth OERTEL, nominee IGP2012


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