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In response to the request of the Ch. van der Seijs Foundation to develop a promotional activity with an international character for the glass museum GlazenHuis and the city of Lommel, the International Glass Prize (IGP) was founded. In 2012 the first edition of the triennial international glass competition was initialized; 3 years later the second edition is launched. Important in the development of the competition is the cross-over from fine art to design and craft. All this in relation to the material glass, its physical image or the conceptual reference. More important than the prize money, is the financial support to cover the transport costs of the selected works, so that all artists have the opportunity to participate in this competition.



The late Charlotte J. van der Seijs (1937-2007) was a proud resident of Lommel. When she died she left a fortune to a private foundation for the benefit of the Lommel GlazenHuis. The Dutch Charlotte J. van der Seijs was born in Utrecht on 27 December 1937 and after living in Amsterdam (NL), Barcelona (SP) and Brasschaat (BE) she came to live in Lommel in 1999. She was an active member of many cultural organizations and 'Friend for life' of several museums. She showed a great interest in the erection of the glass centre GlazenHuis and decided to set up a private foundation intended to promote the activities of the Flemish Centre for Contemporary Glass Art and to enhance the cultural climate in the city of Lommel. On 19 November 2007, the day after her death, the private foundation Charlotte J. van der Seijs acquired the authorization of the Minister of Justice to accept this bequest definitively. Since then the foundation has been administered under the guidance of the honorary mayor of Lommel and father of the GlazenHuis, Mr Louis Vanvelthoven.


The GlazenHuis in Lommel is presenting itself as the Flemish Centre for Contemporary Glass Art. It commits itself much more than this subtitle suggests, however. It is a dynamic centre that wants to promote glass in all its forms and focusses on all its appearances and functionalities: glass in daily use, glass in design, glass through history, glass in the future and glass in contemporary art. One of our main goals is to give glass as an artistic medium a place within the field of contemporary art. The GlazenHuis shows that glass can be what it wants to be: an object or a painting, bronze or gemstone, art or design, unique or ordinary, colourful or transparent.


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